Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Art of Window displays

I hate window shopping i find it to be time consuming with no particular reason. However some designers manage to attract our attention and we find ourselves absorbed by the beauty of the display, like a piece of art! Well fashion is art. Check just a few of the magnificent displays, pictures taken  Julia Chesky, check her blog modelizing, it is amazing!

Louis Vuitton

 IMG_6956      IMG_4928     

  IMG_2737         IMG_2741


Christian Louboutin for barneys NY                        

 Louboutin_Barneys002  Louboutin_Barneys028


Louboutin_Barneys020    Louboutin_Barneys024  

Tom Ford


IMG_2870  IMG_2874 

look at this, lighting made with burberry perfumes

 Bergdorf Goodman / Max Mara  / Ralph lauren /  Dior /  Calvin Klein /  Bergdorf Goodman / Tommy Hilfiger / Bergdorf Goodman /Hermes / max mara/ Prada / Bergdorf Goodman men's /  Chanel

IMG_0793 IMG_8082

       IMG_1926           IMG_1719              

 IMG_1580    IMG_2796  IMG_2986

  IMG_2813                  IMG_8135

Tifanny and co

  IMG_4548                   IMG_4569 


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